Help Support Palliative Care Patients In Ukraine

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WHPCA with partners ICPCN, PallCHASE, and the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation have been running a Global Giving campaign to raise funds to support palliative care patients in Ukraine. The campaign has been up and running for 17 days and we appreciate the support we have received so far. The picture above is of Dr. Roman Marabyan with two children from his beautiful centre in Kharkiv. Dr Marabyan is now fighting on the frontlines in Ukraine, instead of caring for the children at his centre.

We still need your help to spread the word and please consider making a donation if you have not yet done so. The goal is to raise USD $50,000 and we still have a long way to go to reach this target. Your donation will help seriously ill people in Ukraine and rebuild access to palliative care once the war and hostilities come to an end.

If you have any questions please contact our Executive Director at (

We really need your help in spreading the word and in making donations.

Thank you in advance
Stephen Connor, Executive Director WHPCA

You can see how the campaign is going.


  1. Dr. Yasuyoshi Ninosaka

    I have been worried about Dr. Roman Marabyan and the two children since I saw thispicture last year.
    How are they doing since then?

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