International partnership shows how hospices can support each another

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“Our thriving partnership with Kawempe Home Care has been a source of mutual love, respect and gratitude. We are inspired by the ever-increasing level of service that our dear friends provide for the people in their community,” said Samaritan Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs, Joanne Rosen.

In 2013, Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice sent nine staff and volunteers on a 15-day visit to Kawempre Home Care to observe, teach and learn. Staff gave workshops on topics and visited their cultural centres to further understand the culture of their partner.

Samaritan has also helped fundraise for Kawempa and recently hosted two staff members from Kawempe so they could experience their programme and community.

Global Partners in Care’s partnership initiative provides opportunities for US hospice and palliative care organisations to make a commitment to support a hospice and palliative care organisation in a developing country.

According to Global Partners in Care, which is an affiliate of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, several hospice and palliative care organisations in Africa and India are currently looking for partners in the US. 

To learn more about international partnership opportunities and other ways to support the organisation, visit the Global Partners in Care website.

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