Japan: Caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients

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The article described how Jito Sasaki, a Buddhist nun, visits a hospital in Tokyo several days each month as a volunteer, talking to patients and playing the ocarina (an ancient wind instrument) to “help remind patients of the precious time they’ve spent with their families.”

Specialist palliative care nurse, Hideko Oshima, also features in the article. Hideko practices Raja Yoga, a form of meditation, which she says helps her to maintain a sense of calm, even in unexpected situations, so that patients and their families feel a sense of reassurance.

“Some families said my presence itself served as their support,” Oshima said.

Oshima, who is also an aromatherapist, stresses the importance of aromas in palliative care “because they often match patients’ memories in life.”

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