Leaving in peace: Songtang Hospice

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Songtang Hospice was the first palliative care facility to open in the country.

The article suggests that the skills and knowledge developed by the hospice since it opened could help the country in coping with its ageing population.

In the article, founder and president of the hospice Li Wei, comments: “Tradition would have us keep family members at home, especially our elders. If an old person is sent to a hospice, his or her children will be scolded as not being filial enough, which is a very serious accusation in China. As China becomes an ageing society, relying only on young people for looking after seniors is not realistic.”

The article also features comments from hospice Vice President Zhu Lin, head nurse Dong Wei, and volunteer Huang Lei – who, along with her fellow students, started a program to help Songtang residents make their dreams come true.

Read Leaving in Peace on the Beijing Review website.

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