MSc and PhD palliative care scholarships for Africa-based healthcare professionals

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These scholarships, one MSc and one PhD, will enable students who for financial reasons would otherwise be unable to do so, to attend these highly acclaimed courses.


The MSc and PhD in Palliative Care have made a global impact on the volume of high quality research used to inform clinical care and palliative care policy. The MSc has a total 741 outputs from its alumni so far, which includes research in scientific journals and academic textbooks such as the British Medical Journal and the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine.  

The scholarships for these courses will allow students to gain essential qualifications, skills and experience that can be applied to local healthcare settings and to meet palliative care needs in Africa. The Cicely Saunders Institute is committed to working with funders to provide training for health care professionals in under-resourced countries and is pleased to welcome applications from African citizens who currently reside in Africa.

How to apply

There is one MSc Scholarship and one PhD Scholarship available for those who wish to complete the course on a full time basis (MSc: one year, PhD: three years). Each scholarship will fund tuition fees, travel, accommodation and living expenses. Additional research costs are available for the PhD student.

The Institute is also offering several scholarships for UK-based students to focus on psychosocial issues, stroke or dementia.

Further entry criteria, instructions on how to apply and information on all scholarships are available from the Cicely Saunders Institute website or via email.

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