New toolkit launched for hospice-led palliative care

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The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) has launched a new toolkit to support hospice agencies delivering palliative care programs. CAPC extends its membership benefits with free access to these resources for individuals and programs based in LMIC’s.

A growing number of hospice agencies are launching palliative care services as a separate business line for patients who are ineligible for—or do not elect—hospice care. The toolkit is aimed to address the challenges and opportunities that hospice agencies encounter when designing and delivering upstream palliative care.

The toolkit’s comprehensive resources include:

  • Needs Assessment: Tools to engage stakeholders—patients and families, agency leadership, referrers, and financial partners—to guide program design that is aligned with their priorities.
  • Palliative Care Program Design: Tools for non-hospice palliative care programs designed to address patient need, organizational priorities, and referrer relationships.
  • Hospice-Operated Palliative Care Programs: Guidance on navigating differences in philosophy, staffing, financing, and referral protocols between the palliative care and hospice services.
  • Staff Training for Palliative Care: Training for hospice and/or palliative care clinicians in communication skills, pain and symptom management, dementia care best practices, and family caregiver support.
  • Program Measurement and Evaluation: Tools to identify measures, collect data, and use institutional data to demonstrate the value of the palliative care program to patients, partners, and the hospice agency.
  • Program Certification: Certification programs for hospice-led palliative care programs based on national quality standards.

Visit the CAPC website to learn more about the organization and its resources.

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