News Roundup 29 June – 4 July 2013

Categories: In The Media.

29 June 

India: The New Indian Express – Call to lift ban on poor man’s painkiller

USA: GigaOM – Easing the end of life: startups that are helping people make the ultimate decision

1 July

International: Health24 – Mandela’s end of life care dilemma is magnified

International: The Guardian – The goal: universal health coverage. The means: volunteers?

India: The Hindu – Foray into palliative care

USA: LGBT Nation – HHS issues visitation policy for LGBT partners in hospice, long-term care

2 July

Australia: The Guardian – Disability care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Canada: CMAJ – Quebec’s end of life bill makes palliative care more transparent

USA: The New York Times – Sharp rise in women’s deaths from overdose of painkillers

3 July

UK: The Conversation – ‘Death pathway’ label does little to help the dying 

International: The Guardian – Encourage countries to strengthen their own health systems, DfID told

4 July

France: LifeNews – French panel votes against euthanasia but President pushes it anyway

Ghana: GhanaWeb – Workshop on palliative care underway in Accra

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