Not JUST a Nurse – Celebrating International Nurses Day

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On 12 May, we will be celebrating International Nurses Day.

Hospis Malaysia is a charitable non-government organization that provides domiciliary palliative care in their community living with life-limiting illnesses. They have produced a short film to celebrate the day.

You can watch the film HERE

They say “Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and the significant disruptions to the global population’s well-being and countries’ healthcare, nurses around the world find themselves performing an even more important role – bridging the divide between treating just the disease, whatever it may be, and caring for the patient. As medical science drives healthcare and doctors into more specialized silos, the well-being and needs of patients and their families are at risk of being left behind. As a specialty, palliative care is said to be about treating the patient, not the disease. It is a specialty where the doctors are trained to look at how the disease is impacting the patient and his family, and work to address the impact – be it physical or mental suffering. Alongside these doctors, are the palliative care nurses, who work tirelessly with the doctors to support their patients and their families.

“We hope you will enjoy this video and together, let us celebrate the work of nurses.  Our palliative care nurses, who are not just nurses. They are carers, problem solvers, family counselors, caregiver supporters and pain managers.

Nurses – they are a voice to lead, and a vision for the future of healthcare.

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