Palliative care film night comes to London

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The event titled: ‘How We All Might Face Challenging Circumstance’, has been organised by filmmaker and poet, Nic Askew, and will be hosted on 27 August 2013 in the spectacular, yet intimate setting of St Ethelburga’s church in the City of London.

Three short films from Nic’s Soul Biographies Collection will be shown during the two hour event. The films consider the onset of dementia, the loss of a child and the experience of hospice care.

Nic recently spent time at Joseph’s House in Washington DC in the US. The organisation offers nursing and support services to homeless men and women dying of AIDS and cancer. He describes the experience as: “Three days of full unbridled attention in and amongst the living and dying at Joseph’s House, with my camera and imagination.”

“I make human portraits in film,” he continued, “they explore the depths of our human experience, so it was a matter of time before I ended up in a hospice. The experience has always fascinated me, and my challenge was to share the experience and not simply a description of hospice care….film has the capacity to share this very raw human experience.”

Following the experience, Nic created the film: ‘On the Edge of Life and Death’, which will premiere at the London film screening. You can see a trailer for the film on Nic’s website, Soul Biographies.

Subsequently, an event will be held in Washington DC on 21 October 2013.

Nic will talk the audience through each of the films during the evening, offering a chance for discussion. He told ehospice: “I promise this will be a night filled with light, and not dark!”

The 48-year-old is a Londoner who was born on Hyde Park Corner in the 60s who now lives in the US. After a trip back to London, he decided that he should host an event back in his home town. 

People should expect the night to explore “the depths of how we might face challenging and very human situations,” Nic told ehospice. “I realise that we are all fragile. And always have been no matter our posture,” he added.

The tickets are priced at £15 or £25, depending on what patrons can afford. All proceeds will go to Joseph’s House.

You can order your tickets through Eventbrite here.

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