Palliative Care Toolkit evaluation report published

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The Toolkit was developed in 2008 with support from the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) in partnership with Help the Hospices (HtH), now operating as Hospice UK.

Aim of the Toolkit

The aim of the toolkit was to strengthen the capacity of health care workers to deliver quality holistic care to individuals with life threatening illnesses and their families.

It sought to expose and introduce health care workers, particularly those in resource poor settings, to the concept and principles of palliative care as well as provide strategies to apply the approach in local settings for enhanced coverage of quality care.

The evaluation

WHPCA commissioned an independent evaluation of the Toolkit to better understand the scope of its use worldwide, and the impact it has had on community and grassroots palliative care.

Kate North, WHPCA Programmes Manager, said: “The evaluation has provided us with a good view on how the Toolkit has been received at service delivery level.

“Although there are obvious challenges in capturing its true impact worldwide, the Toolkit has clearly been, and continues to be, an excellent entry-level resource that can be applied to a variety of settings across the world.”

Results and recommendations

Respondents were from 43 different countries worldwide (46% from Africa, 29% from South Asia and 16% from South America), reflecting its global use, particularly in developing countries.

Over 90% of the respondents felt the Toolkit improved their understanding of palliative care, enhanced their knowledge of establishing and implementing palliative care, and improved their confidence in case management. 

Key recommendations include:

  • reviewing/updating some of the content; and
  • developing a distribution plan.

Next steps

Guided by this evaluation and ongoing user experience, the authors will update the Toolkit content.

The Evaluation report is available to download from the WHPCA website.

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