Partnership working: specialist palliative care and intellectual disability services

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Dr McLaughlin, who is Lecturer in Palliative Care and Chronic Illness at Queen’s University in Belfast, along with colleagues, has recently published an article in the journal Palliative Medicine entitled ‘Developing a best practice model for partnership practice between specialist palliative care and intellectual disability services: a mixed methods study.’

Writing for the EAPC blog this week, she explains the background to this article and her doctoral study which involved exploring end of life care for people with intellectual disabilities in Northern Ireland.

She writes: “This study… identified the unmet learning needs of health and social care professionals and importantly how palliative care and intellectual disability services could best collaborate to enable people with intellectual disability to die well. 

“I hope this paper will promote greater understanding of partnership working between these two services. I hope that it will also demonstrate how fundamental joint working and learning are – with the person with intellectual disabilities and family carers at the centre.”

Read the full post on the EAPC blog.

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