Researchers and palliative care professionals share knowledge

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Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College and the College of Human Ecology, the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR) met with local hospice and palliative care professionals. The aim of the meeting, held at Cayuga Medical Center (CMC), was to help bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners and to decide on a research agenda for palliative care research into the near future.

In preparation for the meeting, the researchers distilled their findings into 14 specific topics to research by interviewing more than 50 academic leaders from the field and studying more than 200 journal review articles on palliative care. Practitioners included doctors, nurses, chaplains, social workers, administrators and others who play a role on palliative care teams.

Workshop organizer Karl Pillemer said: “Our belief is that if you want to bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners, you have to create these micro-environments where the two sides can come together.”

“Simply receiving our written recommendations or listening to a formal presentation is not nearly as powerful as sitting down together to hash out the big questions regarding palliative care.”

Although workshop results were not final, the recommendations include:

  • adapt palliative care programs for people with mental illness or developmental disabilities
  • assess public awareness of the dying process and end-of-life care to build better education programs
  • examine family communication practices related to end-of-life planning.

The researchers will publish their recommendations in an academic journal and distribute them to major funding agencies to help steer an agenda for the field.

More information about the meeting can be found on the Cornell Chronicle website

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