Seeing Beyond Dementia: a handbook for carers with English as a second language

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The guide, entitled Seeing Beyond Dementia:  A handbook for carers with English as a second language, is a compilation of the latest knowledge on person-centred dementia care.

It features sample vocabulary and sentences, thought to be effective when caring for people with dementia and focuses on the importance of good day-to-day communication skills and positive interaction between patients and carers.

The guide, written by Rita Saloman, describes itself as “a must for all carers with English as a second language working in care homes, hospitals, hospices, home support or any other supporting environment.”

Topics within the handbook include:

  • Dementia – What’s it all about?
  • Communication – How do I get through?  
  • Language – What do I say?
  • Challenging Behaviour – How do I react?
  • Encouraging conversation and activity – What do I do?

This guide can be used to achieve Continued Professional Development points through directed reading, you can visit the publisher’s website to find out more.

It is due to be published on 28 December 2013, but is available to pre-order now.

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