St Christopher’s to host Chinese Day

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This event is part of a series of international days held by the St Christopher’s Hospice Education Centre, where hospice and palliative care professionals from different countries are invited to St Christopher’s for a day of learning conducted in their own language.

Past international days include, French Day, Italian Day and German Day. The development of Chinese Day is a response to the increasing demand from clinical staff in China for training in modern palliative care. 

In recent years St Christopher’s Hospice has received a large number of requests from China for clinical placements and visits to learn how the original vision and values of hospice care of Cicely Saunders has developed into cutting edge end of life care services. 

In addition there have been a regular flow of oncologists attending the Multi-Professional Week and new Multi –Professional Plus training weeks held at St Christopher’s.

The Day will include presentations by senior members of staff and include a tour of St Christopher’s Hospice. More information is available on St Christopher’s Hospice website.

Delegates are encouraged to translate what they have learned into their own national context, rather than attempting to replicate the UK model of palliative care delivery.

Other events planned for 2013 include a French Conference on 4 October and a German Day on 25 October.

Commenting on St Christopher’s international programme, David Oliviere, head of education, said: “The Education Centre at St Christopher’s Hospice is very proud of our international programme of courses, clinical placements and visits to see how the original vision of Cicely Saunders is turned into innovative palliative and end of life care within the current health and social care environment.”

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