Studying the role of volunteers in palliative care

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Carolin has written an article for the Africa edition of ehospice about the project and her involvement in it. 

The project seeks to investigate the role of volunteers in palliative care services in Africa. Questions guiding the study include:

  • Who are these volunteers and what is their role? 
  • What activities do people actually do when they volunteer? 
  • What is their original motivation to dedicate their time?

The study will look for similarities and differences in volunteerism in the participating countries and to then provide a geographically structured round-up of the findings. It could be a link between all the valuable research on volunteers conducted on national levels and ideas for future (research) projects.

The study’s results are to be published by summer 2015, hopefully offering an overview over the different kinds of volunteering that can be met all over the African continent and being a possible inspiration to the further development of volunteerism.

Read more on the Africa edition of ehospice.

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