The Prague Charter – personal stories wanted

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The aim of the stories is to show why there is a need for a human right for good palliative care, either by describing a worst case scenario that you have experienced or by describing a bad situation that was made better by palliative care. 

The plan is to collect stories from around the world to demonstrate that the Prague Charter is more than a theoretical exercise concerning unknown people but that this is about ourselves and our families. The EAPC have provided an example of a story ‘Fear about opioid side effects prevent relief of dyspnea in Swizerland’ written by Esther Schmidlin.  

EAPC past president Lukas Radbruch, writes that he is keen to hear from authors in Africa, Asia and Latin America providing “challenging and moving stories demonstrating the lack of access and the consequences this has for patients and care givers.”  

Potential authors and story tellers should email their story to Stories should ideally be written in English, however, stories in other languages will also be accepted.

Read more about the Prague Charter in the international edition of ehospice.

It is hoped that the general public will recognise the need for access to palliative care for all and support the Prague Charter through participation in social and media activities and by signing the petition

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