To the first editor of the International Children’s Edition of ehospice: Thank you

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Today we say a huge “thank you” to one of the pioneers in global communication and a legend of the children’s hospice and palliative care movement. Sue Boucher has raised communication in children’s palliative care to new levels through her work as Director of Communications for the International Children’s Palliative Care Network and the first and only Editor of the  International Children’s Edition of ehospice.

Through an active and regularly updated edition and further publication on social media, so many stories of children, families, palliative care providers, events, programmes, research and publications have been shared worldwide. It has been an essential page for those who wish to know all that is happening in our field.

Thanks to Sue’s creative vision we have a growing number of individuals, organisations and countries who participate in Hats on for CPC to raise awareness and funds for children’s palliative care and ehospice has highlighted many of their photographs and stories.

Sue has designed every document, publication and report that has come from ICPCN in the past 11 years, including Touching Rainbows and the logos and documents for the three ICPCN Conferences –  this year’s ICPCN Annual Report will be another.

The excellent, child-friendly ICPCN Pain App was created by Sue, using her many years of teaching experience and understanding of what appeals to children.

Sue was the driving force behind the organisation of the last ICPCN Conference in Durban and on the committee of all ICPCN Conferences.

As an accomplished editor and author of over 30 children’s books and many educational guides used by the department of Education across South Africa  and translated into a number of languages, the ICPCN has made full use of Sue’s skills and creative talent.

Sue has presented at a number of conferences; published journal articles and textbook chapters, taught in many different countries, developed modules for the ICPCN e-Learning  and face to face curriculum and has always been willing to assist every member of the ICPCN staff and board in their different portfolios as the perfect collaborative and supportive team member.

Sadly leaving ICPCN today we know Sue will fly to new heights from this week and will enjoy more time for her favourite occupation- writing many more books for children. Together with spending more quality time with her partner Bert and her adult children; coffee chats and walks with her many friends and beloved dogs, Sue is also active with Umduduzu-Hospice Care for Children and will be consulting to PatchSA , the national network for CPC in South Africa.

Sue now has her own business SB Design and Editing and we know that her creativity and skills will always be in demand. She can be contacted on

Sue — your legacy to children needing palliative care across the world is immense and will forever be part of the history of children’s hospice and palliative care. They will be forever grateful.

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