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Dying well means dying at home

Huffington Post

Dying well means dying at home. This requires preparation and preparation requires recognising that dying is a necessary, and indeed desirable, part of life.

End of life care needs improvement

Palliative Health

A recently released study reports that the number of Americans who experienced pain in the last year of life increased 12% between 1998 and 2010.  People with depression increased even more, by 26%.

Dying: an ordinary process that requires extraordinary love

Sue Ryder blog

Palliative care has become very adept at taking principles and practices from various disciplines and applying them effectively for the benefit of those it serves.

Dying with dignity is part of a life well lived

Huffington Post

The importance of quality palliative care gets overshadowed by our national debate over euthanasia or medically assisted death. There is a lack of understanding about what palliative care means and how it can help to ensure that we and those we love are able to make that journey to the end of life with dignity.

Let’s not relent on cancer

Zambia Daily Mail

In the last five years, the government has been rolling out cervical cancer screening programmes in various parts of the country. So far hundreds of women have been screened, with those diagnosed with the condition linked to treatment and care. But the numbers of women going for screening are still low.

Tips for teaching a death and dying class in your community

Huffington Post

If you are searching for a way to improve end of life awareness and make a lasting impact on society, you might consider teaching a class on death and dying at your local community college.

Life after near death: ‘He was so hurt and broken’


Palliative care has often been associated with elderly people who are dying. Not anymore. Today, palliative care is more than that. It means supporting patients and their families, no matter their age. And it doesn’t mean that death is imminent.

We can’t do it without you – the impact of volunteers on UK hospices

EAPC blog

I have frequently been heard to say that volunteers are an important and integral part of the organisation. Yet, however much I believed this to be true, I found little research to support, or indeed refute, this.

End of life care needs an overhaul

The Boston Globe

End of life care in this country is largely broken and should be overhauled at almost every level. Most Americans die in hospitals even though most would prefer to die at home, and one out of three Medicare dollars is spent in the last few months of people’s lives.