Ugandan Village Ambulances help to deliver palliative care

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The concept of Pulse Village Ambulances is a simple one. They are two-wheeled ambulance trailers that can be easily connected to virtually any bicycle or motorcycle. When a patient needs to be moved, the Village Ambulances offer a safe alternative to the precarious boda-boda (motorcycle) ride that would traditionally be used to transport many Ugandans, or worse, being left at home to suffer rather than seeking the help the patient needs.

It was the issue of patients suffering pain that bought McBride to the African Palliative Care Association. Pulse already have a partnership with Kyetume Hospital in Uganda where many of the patients are receiving palliative care. But McBride sees even more potential for his Village Ambulances in supporting the roll out of palliative care not just in Uganda but across Africa as a whole.

“We have already seen how the ambulances have helped in the process of palliative care service provision,” he said. “We are looking to reach out and work with more partners in the palliative care field so we can reach more patients. Ultimately the well-being and dignity of the patient is why we are we are all here. We are confident that we can help palliative care organisations help provide this”.

Read more and watch a video about the operation of Pulse Village Ambulances on the Africa edition of ehospice

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