WHO releases new guidance for Planning and Implementing Palliative Care Services

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This resource was developed in response to the passage of the World Health Assembly resolution on palliative care in 2014, “Strengthening of palliative care as a component of comprehensive care throughout the life course”.

The guide titled “Planning and Implementing Palliative Care Services: A guide for program managers” contains useful resources including:

·       An overview of palliative care services

·       A guide to establishing palliative care services in various settings

·       The necessary components of a comprehensive approach to palliative care

·       Many resources and tools and

·       A number of useful appendices on medicines, equipment and supplies, and sample curricula for volunteers, medical doctors, and clinical officers

Many members of the WHO Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Group on Palliative and long-term care contributed to the development of this resource including WHPCA board members Liz Gwyther, Emanuel Luyirika, Liliana De Lima, Richard Harding, Joan Marston, and Executive Director Stephen Connor.

The guide can be downloaded from the WHO website at: http://www.who.int/ncds/management/palliative-care/palliative_care_services/en/



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