World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 14 March 2016

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Death at the time of birth: One of life’s greatest paradoxes. Reflections of a Clinical Midwife Specialist in Bereavement


The EAPC Blog continues the special series on perinatal bereavement and palliative care with examples of initiatives from Ireland and France that aim to improve care for babies and families.

The Living Room and a Space Between

Kenya – The Huffington Post

A remarkable documentary, The Space Between, chronicles the struggle of providing palliative care services in a Kenyan hospice setting through the stories of four individuals receiving care at Kimbilio Hospice (Kiswahili for Refuge).

Palliative care gives relief to patients and their families

Star 2

Hospice is a concept, not a particular place or facility. Although medical science cannot control the illness anymore and prolong life, comfort can always be provided effectively.

‘There’s no place for them’ Palliative care gaps a problem

Canada – Ottawa Sun

Amy Desjardins became well versed on the topic of end-of-life care over the course of her 12 years working as the communications director for the Bruyere Foundation, which deals with patients in need of palliative care. But having to deal with its realities never really hit home until her own sister became terminally ill.

Insufficient knowledge of stroke patient’s last hours of life

Sweden – Medical Xpress

Caregivers are displaying insufficient knowledge of how things are for stroke patients the week before they die – for example, staff have difficulties stating whether the patients had someone with them at their death, or if they were experiencing pain. Care for stroke patients therefore risks becoming worse compared to patients who die from cancer.

Spotlight on global cancer and palliative care: A podcast with Stanford’s Ami Bhatt

US – Stanford Medicine SCOPE Blog

When we think about global health, cancer isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But, as low- and middle-income countries successfully reduce deaths from these conditions, populations are living longer and non-communicable diseases – particularly cancers – are becoming a growing public health problem.

Palliative Care in Chronic Renal Failure: When the Sun Sets Upon the Horizon of Life

Pakistan – Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences Blog

‘Would I be totally dependent upon others?’ ‘What about the hospital expenses?’ ‘Would I able to continue my spiritual, social and physical life in a usual manner like before?’ ‘Is my disease is a punishment from God? Is there any hope left?’ These are the questions in the mind of a patient under palliative care.

Identifying Palliative Care Needs among Hospitalized Patients

Germany – AJMC

Although there is a growing need for palliative care to address end-of-life care in an increasingly aging population, the need for palliative care is often overlooked in hospitalized patients, according to a German study in BMC Palliative Care.

Nyeri Pediatric Palliative Care Workshop

ehospice Kenya

KEHPCA in collaboration with the Nyeri Provincial General Hospital (PGH) palliative care team organized a one day workshop to sensitize health care workers from Nyeri Hospice and Nyeri PGH on pediatric palliative care.

True perseverance never fails

ehospice South Africa

Sandra, a 21 year old woman was referred to Helderberg Hospice for HIV and TB support. She was also diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma. At the time of referral, Sandra had been diagnosed with TB for the third time.

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