World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 29 September 2015

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Palliative care measurement: Helping to scale up palliative care and deliver good care

EAPC blog

One of the most important tasks for a clinician is to work out whether or not they have really addressed the concerns of their patients, while for researchers it can be hard to find the right measure to use to adequately investigate their research topic.

Trauma workers find solace in a pause that honours life after a death


Jonathan Bartels is a nurse working in emergency care. He says witnessing death over and over again takes a toll on trauma workers — they can become numb or burned out.

A nurse reflects on the privilege of caring for dying patients


Palliative care nurse Theresa Brown is healthy, and so are her loved ones, and yet, she feels keenly connected to death. “I have a deep awareness after working in oncology that fortunes can change on a dime,” she tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

A nurse with fatal breast cancer says end of life discussions saved her life

US – Washington Post

News reports say you will soon make a final decision about paying doctors and other providers who talk to their patients about end of life planning. Amy Berman writes about her experiences since a diagnosis of breast cancer five years ago.

Leisure inequality: What the rich-poor longevity gap will do to retirement

US  – The Atlantic

In American society, those who live the longest get to enjoy years of relaxation, but those with the shortest life expectancies tend to work into their final years.

A preschool was placed into a Seattle nursing home: the results were magical

US – Techly

When we’re at the beginning or end of our lives, we’ll need some kind of help, be it a preschool or a nursing home. A heart-warming trailer for the upcoming documentary Present Perfect shows what it’s like when the two combine.

€10m investment in palliative care services needed to address inequities across the country

ehospice Ireland

The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) is calling on the Government to provide an additional investment of €10million in palliative and end of life care services in Ireland, to address critical gaps and inequities across the country.

Dying in prison: older population means prisons must adapt

ehospice UK

Earlier this month, a report by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman suggested that, due to a rapidly ageing population, prisons are increasingly having to take on the roles of care home and hospice. Two researchers from Lancaster University, who have been looking at how to improve end of life care for prisoners, consider the issued raised in the report.

CAPC announces four new Palliative Care Leadership Centers

ehospice USA

Four new Palliative Care Leadership Centers will focus on palliative care in specific community settings, including the home, long term care and office settings.

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