World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 3 February 2016

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End-of-life care: Proactive clinical management of older Australians in the community

Australia – AFP Global Health

Due to the changing demographics of ageing and death in Australia, general practitioners (GPs) are caring for greater numbers of people with advanced chronic conditions that will soon lead to death. GPs play a pivotal role in proactively preparing these people for end of life.

Little Access to End-of-Life Care in Serbia – Balkan Insight

Serbia – End of Life Matters

Belhospice, Serbia’s only palliative care charity, is striving to ensure terminally-ill patients, and their families, are not left to face death alone.

Gratitude for Dr. Oliver Sacks’ Insights at the End of Life

US – The Huffington Post

Just as he shed light on the human mind and soul over the course of his celebrated career, the neurologist and writer Dr. Oliver Sacks gave us profound insights in his final year into the most universal of human experiences: dying.

Compassionate Communities: How changing attitudes toward death can effect how we live

Ireland – The Irish News

A Derry-based project is challenging communities to take a proactive approach to supporting people nearing the ends of their lives.

New Guidance on Diabetes Care in Elderly Residential Facilities

US – MedScape News

New American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines addressing diabetes management in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities emphasize treatment simplification, avoidance of hypoglycemia, and the need to reassess therapeutic goals for patients who are nearing the end of life.

Diane Rehm, NPR host: ‘Too many of us are afraid to speak about death’

US – The Guardian

After her husband fell ill with Parkinson’s, Rehm was criticized for attending right-to-die fundraisers. Now she has written an intimate memoir about his death.

A New Vision for Dreams of the Dying

US – The New York Times

One evening in the late fall, Lucien Majors, 84, sat at his kitchen table, his wife Jan by his side, as he described a recent dream. Mr. Majors had end-stage bladder cancer and was in renal failure.

Importance of palliative care for cancer patients — Ednin Hamzah

Malaysia – The Malay Mail Online

Perhaps a thought should be spared for the many thousands who are currently dealing with cancer. What about their needs?

APCA publishes special 10-year annual report edition

ehospice Africa

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) published its 2014-15 annual report, highlighting landmark achievements and partnership opportunities.

New film highlights the good living that can occur in lead-up to death

ehospice Australia

Melbourne students offer profound insights into the opportunity for living that can occur in the lead-up to death, in a film launched today.

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