World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 3 March 2015

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How a teenager confronted cancer, death

US –

Susan Funck got the horrible news on her 47th birthday. Her 13-year-old daughter, Hannah Duffy, had a brain tumour. A biopsy later confirmed that the tumour was malignant. It would be fatal.

India: first to adapt the Global Monitoring Framework on NCDs

Pallium India

It is heartening to read the comment by Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director of WHO South-East Asian Region:“The millions of productive individuals lost prematurely to NCDs are seriously undermining social and economic development.” It spells out the various action plans that the Government of India is taking.

Congratulations, Mr Rajesh Nandan Srivastava!

Pallium India

On the Republic Day of India, 26 January 2015, Mr Rajesh Nandan Srivastava, former Director of Narcotics Control, who contributed to the recent amendment of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of India, was conferred the Presidential Award for Specially Distinguished Record of Service. 

Hospice Malta awarded the ‘European Citizen’s Prize’

Malta Independent

On the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, Hospice Malta was awarded the ‘European Citizen’s Prize’. This award that recognises the charitable efforts and successes of various persons and organisations throughout Europe.

A surgery standard under fire

The New York Times

Some experts believe pressures for superior 30-day statistics can cause unacknowledged harm, discouraging surgery for patients who could benefit and sentencing others to long stays in I.C.U.s and nursing homes.

Norfolk nurse sees ‘slow progress’ in Ethiopian palliative care

UK – Nursing Times

A twinning arrangement between palliative care specialists in Norfolk and hospices in Ethiopia is starting to make “progress” in the Africa country, according to a nurse involved with the scheme.

Too many African Americans plan too little for death, experts say

The Washington Post

”When my father came out of remission, he declined very quickly and none of us knew what he wanted. I had never had a conversation with him. I had all of this knowledge about end of life things but I had never talked to my own father who had a terminal disease.”

Advance planning in paediatric hospice/palliative care


A new edition of the E-journal from NHPCO’s Children’s Project on Palliative/Hospice Services that examines selected issues in advance planning in paediatric hospice/palliative care is now available for download, free of charge.

European Association for Palliative Care Early Researcher Award awarded to Maynooth University researcher

Ireland – Maynooth University News

Dr Kathleen McLoughlin, a researcher at the Maynooth University Department of Psychology, has been awarded the 2015 Early Researcher Award by the European Association for Palliative Care.

New vision for better coordinated end of life care published

ehospice UK

A new narrative, written from the point of view of someone near the end of life, sets out how good, coordinated – or integrated – care should look.

PatchSA Documentary: Beginnings & Endings

ehospice South Africa

This documentary explores the experiences of Cape Town based families and professionals involved in the care of neonates with a life-threatening or life-limiting conditions.

Pioneering the palliative care needs assessment non-communicable diseases frontier in Africa

ehospice Africa

The UN’s High Level Meeting on NCDs in 2011, led to increasing recognition that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – particularly the four key disease groups of cardio-vascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancers and diabetes.

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