World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 4 November 2015

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Doctor-assisted suicide gets green light from Sherbrooke palliative care centre

Canada – CBC News

A palliative care centre in Sherbrooke is poised to become the first facility to provide access to doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.

Call for more palliative care for young people

UK – BBC News

Bodies supporting end of life care for young people have called for better provision. Managed Service Network for Children and Young People with Cancer and Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (Chas) highlighted a rise in young people requiring such help.

Hospice care extends life, saves money, research shows

Cayman Islands – Cayman Compass

Building palliative and hospice care into the medical system earlier for patients with advanced cancers and other serious conditions is good mentally and physically for patients and families, and for a health system’s budget, said US palliative care expert Dr Thomas Smith.

Registered nurses are crucial in aged care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Australia – Sydney Morning Herald

In a few days, our NSW Health Minister is going to make her decision about the plight of our elderly in NSW aged care facilities – whether it should be a legal requirement that a registered nurse must be on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week in NSW nursing homes.

Ben Carson once called for national guidelines on end of life treatment for elderly

US – Buzzfeed News

Retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has, in two of his books, proposed national guidelines on end of life care for the elderly in order to prevent skyrocketing medical costs from bankrupting society.

Talking to your doctor about how you want to die

US – Bloomberg

The government will begin paying doctors to have conversations about end of life care next year under a Medicare rule that was finalized last week. The goal is to help patients decide what medical measures they want – or want to avoid – if they face grievous illness or injury.

Marie Curie calls for government action as survey reveals fears among over 50s about end of life care

ehospice UK

A new YouGov survey shows that a large proportion of people aged 50 or older are not confident that they will receive the care they need at the end of life.

Children’s palliative care training for health professionals in Swaziland

ehospice International Children’s

Training in paediatric palliative care for a group of medical and health professionals is taking place for the first time in Swaziland.

CNN series shares family’s difficult decision

ehospice USA

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen has written a two-part series looking at a family’s decision to focus on quality of life versus ongoing agressive care for their terminally ill daughter.

Consultation launched on new National Care Standards in Scotland

ehospice UK

A consultation on Scotland’s new National Care Standards, which will apply to health and social care providers across the country, has begun.

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