World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 5 April 2016

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Health-E News: Feeling the pain of South Africa’s rural cancer crisis

South Africa – Daily Maverick

Two types of conditions can spell death in South Africa’s rural areas, and I have just diagnosed a patient with one of them – cancer. By the time the patient goes through the rural referral labyrinth to get chemotherapy, it will probably be too late.

How chaplains are a valuable part of the health care team

US – Kevin MD

As health care settings become more focused on patient experience and care for the whole person, issues of culture, diversity, personal beliefs, and values have come to the forefront. 

Margaret Overton wants to change how we think of end-of-life care

US – My Statesman

Doctors are supposed to heal people, right? It’s their jobs to fix them up and send them on their way again. So what happens when doctors continue to keep trying to heal people who can’t be fixed — the dying?

NCCN Expert Panel Sets the Record Straight on Palliative Care and Its Value in the Cancer Care Continuum

US – National Comprehensive Cancer Network

The NCCN 21st Annual Conference Kicked Off With a Look Into the World of Palliative Care, Exploring Barriers to Patient Access and Means to Establish Multidisciplinary Palliative Care Teams

Creating transformational leaders at Hartlepool & District Hospice

ehospice UK

Tracy Woodall, chief executive at Hartlepool & District Hospice, explains why the hospice has invested in leadership training for every member of staff and how using a Theory of Change has prevented the closure of services and staffing cuts.

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