World hospice and palliative care news roundup – 7 August 2015

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Priest Hospital recognized as ‘model in Palliative Care Treatment’ in ASEAN

National News Bureau of Thailand

The Ministry of Public Health has raised the Priest Hospital as a regional example for palliative care during a meeting with ASEAN delegates.

End of life care may be too intense among AYA patients with advanced cancer

US – HemOncToday

More than two-thirds of adolescent and young adult patients with advanced cancer receive at least one form of medically intensive care at the end of life, according to study results.

Dying to live: why is health care so valuable in the face of death?

US – Forbes

Care near the end of life or for life-threatening illnesses is often highly valued by patients but fares poorly with past and recent valuation frameworks constructed by buyers of such care. This has recently become the source of much debate in cancer care, where treatments for metastatic disease may offer limited survival benefits at high costs

Land-starved Singapore exhumes its cemeteries to build roads and malls

Singapore – The Guardian

The tiny city-state has dug up hundreds of thousands of graves to pave the way for roads, houses and shopping centres. As Singapore celebrates 50 years of independence, conservationists argue heritage need not be sacrificed to progress

Memento Mori – The death café and acknowledging the end of life

UK – End of life studies blog

Death is life-affirming, if only because it makes the world uncompromisingly and sometimes intimidatingly finite. And perhaps the best way to talk and ruminate about death is not alone, but with others: to look at that cemetery straight on and acknowledge it. Together. Over tea and cake.

Suicide show at Edinburgh Fringe goes ahead

UK – Sky News

The opening night of a controversial show by a euthanasia advocate has gone ahead at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, despite intervention from the police and the authorities.

Research highlights the harsh realities of dementia care

ehospice Australia

A research survey that began by looking into the wellbeing of family carers of people with dementia has emerged as the catalyst for a far more complex investigation, which in turn highlights an issue broader than dementia care alone.

Death cafes a success for Brisbane’s Footprints

ehospice Australia

In January this year, Brisbane’s Footprints organisation received a Linkages grant as part of the Australian Government’s Decision Assist program.

Group working to open palliative care home in Grand Falls, Windsor

ehospice Canada

A group of business professionals in central Newfoundland are working together to open what would be the province’s first palliative care home. VOCM’s Renell LeGrow explains.

Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning launched

ehospice Ireland

Television and radio presenter Claire Byrne has appealed to people to get involved in Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning and enjoy a Bewley’s coffee to raise vital funds for hospice services across the country.

Hallmark Channel focuses on hospice

ehospice USA

“Home & Family” a daytime television talk-show on the Hallmark Channel recently did a very well received segment on hospice care.

KEHPCA elevator speech

ehospice Kenya

Do you know how many patients in Kenya live with and die from advanced cancer and other incurable conditions? Many!

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