World media roundup – 12 June 2014

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Palliative care

Pakistan – Pakistan Observer

Brief discussion of palliative care by Pakistani author.

Naomi Lakritz: Assisted dying must be the patient’s choice

Canada – Times Colonist

Opinion piece against palliative care in the context of assisted dying. 

What is Palliative Care doing in ICU?

US – Intention Radio

Radio interview with Dr Jessica Zitter, palliative care and ICU physician, talking about some of the issues facing families and healthcare workers at the end of life in the ICU setting.

Palliative Care Takes Backseat In Senegal

Senegal – Borgen Magazine

Discussion of lack of pain management in Senegal. 

Bioethics Mediation at the End of Life: Opportunities and Limitations

Social Science Research Network

Article discussing the mechanics of bioethics mediation, its constituent parts and distinctive attributes. Using a case-study of an elderly patient with end-stage dementia and the question of whether a feeding tube should be placed, the authors discuss both the promise and practical limits of mediation in the end of life context.



A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of death.

11-year-old boy with brain cancer donates kidneys and liver

China – CCTV

An 11-year-old terminal cancer patient in Shenzhen made good on his pledge to donate his kidneys and liver to save lives. After the donation operation surgery, doctors bowed three times before his body as his mother watched in tears.

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