World media roundup – 12 November 2013

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EAPC Board matters


Dr David Oliver, EAPC Board member, explains what’s going on behind the scenes at the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC).

What happens to us when we lie about dying?


“It is in our nature to lie but the denial of death is critical support for futile medical care, missed opportunity and needless suffering.”

Armenia needs palliative care center –expert

Armenia- ARKA News Agency

The Palliative Care Center, an affiliation of Armenia’s National Cancer Centre, has launched a fund-raising campaign to collect at least $2 million to build a national palliative care center.

Do cultural barriers hinder end of life care?

Australia- SBS

What’s it like to know you may only have months left to live? Patients, oncologists and palliative care specialists discuss the tricky art of determining a prognosis.

Veterans Day: honoring America’s veterans includes caring at life’s end

ehospice USA

As the nation honours these American heroes for their military service on Veterans Day, 11 November, it’s important to remember that they also deserve recognition and compassionate care at the end of life’s journey.

The way forward in Ontario

ehospice Canada

Ontario is on the cusp of a revolution in the way the province offers palliative care, but the plan hinges on government support.

Florida Hospice reaches out to Grahamstown Hospice

ehospice South Africa

Five staff members from Haven Hospice in the USA recently visited their sister hospice organisation, Grahamstown Hospice in South Africa, to gain a practical understanding of the environment and the challenges in which end of life and palliative care is delivered in the city and surrounding communities.

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