World media roundup – 15 January 2014

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Recent Tragedies Highlight End-Of-Life Quandaries

Wisconsin Public Radio

Two high-profile tragedies have brought end of life issues back to public consciousness in the US.

India has a problem with morphine

The Global and Mail

Once again, Indian MPs have failed to help millions who need relief from pain.

Dying woman has a month-long farewell party

US- Daily Life

To ease the pain of death on herself and her loved ones, Marcy Glanz had a dying wish: a month-long farewell party that mixed frivolity and friendship, laughter and tears.

Dying In The Digital Age: When Should The Conversation End?


Lisa Adams, a stage 4 cancer patient, has been tweeting her experiences with the disease. Writers Bill and Emma Keller have derided her tweets as akin to “deathbed selfies.” Writer Meaghan O’Rourke speaks about how we treat dying in the digital age.

Health Matters: Putting the ‘pal’ in palliative care


Brief introductory article to palliative care.

When is it worth saving a life?

Responses to ‘When is it worth saving a life‘. 

The Seattle Times

US physician, David Baker, asks whether the lifesaving treatment is helping or hurting patients nearing the end of their natural lives. 

A country not worth dying in?

Nigeria- People’s Daily

Professor Ebenezer Obadare writes about the trend for Nigerians to leave the country to die in foreign hospitals. 

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