World Media Roundup – 18 December 2014

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Dreams are made of this: first palliative care research centre in Czech Republic

EAPC blog
Dr Martin Loučka, Director of the The Center for Palliative Care, Prague, explains how the new centre aims to advance palliative care in the country.

Palliative cancer care as a human rights issue

Video of Prof Julia Downing, Palliative Care Research Society, Southampton, UK, talking about accessible palliative care in cancer, which she describes as a human rights issue.

American Pain Society releases Pain Research Agenda for the 21st Century

The American Pain Society has released its Pain Research Agenda for the 21st Century, which identifies promising but underfunded approaches to develop new treatments and to help make currently used pain medications safer and more effective.

Too little, too late for many New Yorkers seeking hospice

“Despite evidence that hospices can greatly relieve discomfort, extend life and save money, and despite a generous hospice benefit available through both Medicare and Medicaid, relatively few people in New York take advantage of it, compared with elsewhere in the country.”

Palliative care: it’s about easing suffering

US News and World Report
“Palliative specialists help in many ways to reduce the amount of suffering patients are feeling.”

How to help someone who is grieving

The Huffington Post
“Despite the fact that death is something we must all experience, we avoid talking or thinking about our mortality as if by ignoring it we can make it disappear.”

Ebola: Sierra Leone begins house-to-house searches

BBC News
Sierra Leone has begun house-to-house searches in the capital Freetown to find hidden cases of Ebola.

Global population living six years longer than in 1990: study

Global life expectancy has risen by more than six years since 1990 thanks to falling death rates from cancer and heart disease in rich countries and better survival in poor countries from diarrhoea, tuberculosis and malaria.

A ‘metaphor menu’ for cancer patients

ehospice UK
Elena Semino, Professor of Linguistics and Verbal Art at Lancaster University, writes for ehospice about her research into the use of metaphors around cancer and end of life care and the creation of a ‘metaphor menu’ – providing a variety of options for cancer patients to use to talk about their illness.

Redefining moments: end of life stories for better living

ehospice USA
Every year, millions of people celebrate the rich historical tradition of Hanukkah for eight days and nights; a daughter reflects on what this special season means to her.

Bear Cottage acknowledges their volunteers

ehospice International children’s edition
Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice recently celebrated International Volunteers Day by acknowledging their volunteers who do such an astounding job and touch the lives of the children and families they encounter on a daily basis.

Value Every Life – the latest short film by Little Stars released

ehospice International children’s edition
The latest short film by Little Stars entitled “Value Every Life’ stars the International Children’s Palliative Care Networks Chief Executive, Joan Marston, as well as a few beautiful faces of the children of Sunflower Hospice in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Better cancer survival rates but diagnoses continue to rise

ehospice Australia
A report on cancer incidence and mortality in Australia highlights the urgent need to address disparities in treatment and to prepare for an increasing number of cancer patients.

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