World media roundup – 18 November 2013

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Palliative care ‘a drop in the ocean’ but tide is changing

Cambodia- The Phnom Penh Post

Despite cultural, financial and professional barrers, care for the terminally ill is slowly improving in Cambodia.

Taking care of an ageing parent: Joan Lunden’s advice

US- Washington Post

Journalist Joan Lunden offers advice at Washington Post Live’s Caregiving in America forum on having the conversation with a parent or other relative about end of life care.

They call me ‘Dr Kevorkian’

The New York Times

“Specialising in the seemingly divergent fields of intensive care and palliative care, I frequently find myself in the position of undoing the life-prolonging work of my ICU colleagues.”

Who is responsible for the pain-pill epidemic?

The New Yorker

How did doctors, who pledge to do no harm, let the use of prescription narcotics get so out of hand?

There’s no room for technology in end of life care decisions

For the Health of IT

“It’s my belief that when talking face-to-face with a patient about a care plan aimed at eradicating their body of a disease that threatens to take them away from their family, there’s no room for paper, computers and/or mobile devices.”

Palliative care admissions to hospital increase by almost half in last decade

ehospice Australia

Palliative care related hospital admissions rose by 49% per cent in the last decade, according to latest figures released on 15 November by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

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