World media roundup – 20 November 2013

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Call to end inequity in palliative care

Australian Ageing Agenda

Palliative Care Australia has called for end of life care to be delivered according to need rather than disease type, following new statistics showing a high concentration of services among cancer patients.

Introducing the palliative care ICU


Less an actual place than a state of mind, palliative care ICU is a philosophy of doctoring that allows physicians to treat both aggressively and palliatively at the same time.

Death and dying: personal goals at end of life

Huffington Post blog

What can we do to ensure that our loved ones, or we ourselves, get the care that meets our personal needs and goals?

For those at death’s door, a case for ‘life panels’

New York Times

“I am staking a claim on the name life panel, because the concept of death panels has been so irresponsibly bandied about during debates about the government’s involvement in healthcare. But I really do not want to discuss politics here. I am a financial planner, and I want to focus on money.”

Learning from new evidence in Eastern Africa

ehospice Africa

Richard A. Powell writes for the EAPC blog about the work of the African Palliative Care Research Network.

Meru Level 5 Hospital benefits from government morphine

ehospice Kenya

The benefit of government support in purchase of morphine after integration of palliative care noted at Meru Level 5 Hospital.

Dementia diagnosis helps plan for the future

ehospice UK

People living with dementia say that a diagnosis can help them plan for the future and access local support, as well as reducing anxiety.

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