World media roundup – 24 April 2014

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Armenians struggle for the right to die without pain

Eurasia Net

In Armenia, although eligible patients are entitled to free, state-subsidised opioid painkillers, the process for acquiring them can prove so complicated and time-consuming that patients often die before they receive the medication.

Opening your eyes to palliative care…


Nygemol Kaniyodical George, a 17-year-old pupil in Cardiff, South Wales, explains how a volunteer placement in her local hospice changed her mind about palliative care.

Is effective, person-centred, home-based palliative care truly achievable?

Palliative Medicine

Bridget Johnston from the Sue Ryder Care Centre for the Study of Supportive, Palliative and End of Life Care explores this question.

Dubai Health Authority takes part in palliative care workshop in Kuwait


Dr Wafa Ayesh, Director of Clinical Nutrition at the Dubai Health Authority, attended the recent palliative care conference in Kuwait to discuss the importance of nutrition for critically ill patients and patients nearing the end of life.

Reservations about palliative opioid use in refractory dyspnea common


Although willing to prescribe opioids for refractory dyspnea in palliative patients, many doctors remain uncomfortable with the perceived side effects, researchers from the UK report.

End of life treatment for elderly under question

The Sydney Morning Herald

In Australia, where less than half of people over 70 have an end of life plan, experts are calling for “a national re-think on end of life treatment.”

Aggression strongly signals pain only when dementia reaches advanced stages, researchers find


For a person with dementia, the link between aggressive behaviour and physical pain is strong only in the condition’s advanced stages, University of Florida researchers have found.

Pancreatic death rates continuing to increase as other cancers fall

Nursing Times

Pancreatic cancer stands alone as an increasingly deadly threat to both men and women in Europe, a study has shown.

Aboriginal people in Toronto may face premature death: study

CBC News

Researchers in Toronto have found the city’s aboriginal population die much younger than other city residents.

The importance of spirituality for palliative care professionals

ehospice UK

Dr Ramesh Thulavavenkateswaran, Locum Consultant at St Helena Hospice, writes for ehospice about his new project encouraging healthcare professionals to share their views on their own spirituality and consider how these might help to deliver excellent care for patients and families.

Pan Africa Life launches Cancer Challenge in partnership with Africa Cancer Foundation

ehospice Kenya

The Pan Africa Life Cancer Challenge aims to improve cancer awareness and provide cancer screening for a period of six months.

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