World media roundup – 26 June 2014

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Surprise! I have cancer

US – Sunrise Rounds

Dr James Salwitz writes about the harmful backlash after a patient concealed her cancer diagnosis from her family. 

Hospice Hawaii-Lanai in Full Swing

US – Lanai News

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of many – and a partnership between Hospice Hawaii and Lanai Community Hospital – there are now hospice services on Lanai island for the first time.

‘It gives them a purpose’: Inmates tout value of hospice care at Maine State Prison

US – Bangor Daily News

When sisters Lori Doughty and Mary Ann Guenette walked into the conference room at Maine State Prison on Wednesday morning, they were met by a barrage of love. The women had come for the second day of the annual Maine Hospice Council conference at the prison, but they also were there to say hello to the men they had met in unusual and intense circumstances over the winter.

Doctors struggle with having end-of-life conversations

US – Southern California Public Radio

Edie Shigekawa wishes she had done things differently after her frail, 94-year-old mother Bessie fell and broke her arm. “I would have much preferred her to be right here with hospice,” she says. “That would have been a lot better.”

Three European courts grapple with end-of-life dilemmas


Three European courts stepped carefully around delicate end-of-life issues on Wednesday, with one rejecting assisted suicide, another delaying it and a third acquitting a doctor from charges of the murder of dying patients. The varied rulings by Britain’s Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights and a regional French court reflected the difficulty of drawing a clear legal line between aiding terminal patients to die in peace and committing murder.

At These Hospitals, Recovery Is Rare, but Comfort Is Not

US – New York Times

Feature article about long-term acute care hospitals in the United States.

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