World Media Roundup 27 September 2013

Categories: Care.

Funeral Director Launches Life Document Storage, a Comprehensive End-of-Life Planning and Life Information Transfer Company

US- Herald Online

A funeral director has launched ‘life-document storage’, an online end-of-life information transfer company that provides consumers with the ability to not only store their life documents and information in a safe and secure environment, but allows for the transfer of the information upon the death or incapacitation of the consumer.

End of life care for dementia patients linked to insurance type

US- Reuters

A study by JAMA has reported that patients with advanced dementia who are on Medicare health insurance have a higher chance of receiving inappropriate care at the end of their lives than those on ‘managed care’ plans. 

A Crusade to Talk About End-of-Life Care

US- US News Health

An article about Ellen Goodman, founder of the conversation project, reminds readers that although most Americans are open to discussing their end of life wishes, hardly any of them will do so. The article contains links to helpful resources published by the project. 

Gay Marriage Lawsuit Expansion Could Impact Local Families

US- 10 TV 

In the US, a federal judge has recommended that same-sex couples in Ohio, a state that does not recognise same-sex marriage, have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to end of life issues. 

Voluntary euthanasia bill withdrawn

New Zealand-

A bill to legalise voluntary euthanasia has been withdrawn amid fears it would become a political football during election year.

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