World media roundup – 28 July 2014

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Palliative care in National Cancer Grid

Pallium India

The recent two-day summit of the National Cancer Grid, a network of major cancer centres in India, included a 40-minute session on palliative care.

Explainer: could federal law end the state bans on euthanasia?

Australia – The Conversation

If Senator Richard di Natale were to win the federal parliament’s support for his bill to legalise euthanasia, it would probably override state bans. 

Who decides when a person should die?

Times of Malta

As the UK debates a Bill allowing doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients, Ariadne Massa questions whether Malta is prepared to put compassion before doctrine.

How to cope with loss

The Huffington Post

If the pictures flashing across the news show us anything, it’s that loss of a loved one is universal. And, in the midst of so much tragedy and death, we find ourselves asking how someone copes with that level of grief.

Stigmas shrouded in silence

Australia – Health Canal

The most recent study of older people who died through suicide in Australia found less than 10% were members of a euthanasia group, and those who died through suicide had lower needs for help with selfcare than people who died from other causes.

Is Europe putting cancer research at risk?


ESMO has expressed concern that the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation could make cancer research impossible and add a significant burden to both doctors and cancer patients.

LGBT retirement home: the end of the rainbow

The Observer

Europe’s first LGBT retirement home, a modest 80s apartment block in Stockholm, gives gay people a friendly place in which to grow old.

Representing Canada at the 20th International AIDS Conference

ehospice Canada

Coordinated by the Canadian AIDS Society and bringing together the federal, provincial, territorial governments and NGOs, the Canada Booth at the 20th International AIDS Conference has been showcasing all that Canada is doing in HIV/AIDS.

Start early, start now – improving outcomes for HIV+ children

ehospice International children’s edition

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS recently published an enlightening article for the International AIDS Conference 2014, entitled “Start early, start now”, which discusses various issues around young children born into HIV-affected families.

“Hospice: Something More” dispels myths about hospice care

ehospice USA

Hospice Foundation of America is offering a free DVD program on hospice care available for use on closed circuit or public access channels.

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