World media roundup – 29 November 2013

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Hospice Foundation fears for services amid HSE cutbacks

Irish Examiner

The Irish Hospice Foundation says it fears it will not be able to provide home care services for children because of HSE cutbacks.

Ciarán Devane: give people with cancer a choice about where they die

UK- The Guardian

The chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support discusses his hopes for a new era in end of life care.

Engage With Grace: annual Thanksgiving blog rally on responsibility about end of life

US- e-Patient Dave

Once again this year, Alexandra Drane of Eliza Corp. and friends have coordinated the Engage With Grace blog rally, in which scores of healthcare bloggers devote their site, for a day or more, to this important topic.

8 Things I Learned From My Brother Before He Died

Death with Dignity

Blog post by Laura Saltman, a host/correspondent/TV expert with over 14 years in the entertainment business.

Is it time to call a truce in the ‘battle against disease’?

The Guardian

Our obsession with war-like language in medical research may unconsciously limit our creativity in finding new treatments.

The Right Attitude; five things charities need to know about dividing up their audiences

nfp Synergy

Segmenting your key audiences enables you to reach the right people with the right messages – the ones that will inspire people to make a difference will help you to grow your organisation and meet your objectives.

New ‘industry bible’ launches for paediatric palliative care

ehospice UK

The ninth edition of the ‘industry bible’ for professionals caring for seriously ill children has been launched this week by the UK charity for children’s palliative care, Together for Short Lives.

Improving health services for Aboriginal seniors

ehospice Canada

A new report by the Health Council of Canada says that governments must make a greater effort to collaborate to improve health care for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis seniors.

The Law – what is it good for? Part 1

ehospice Australia

Can a patient sue a healthcare professional for not adhering to an Advance Care Directive (ACD)? Does this happen in Australia? What does a legally binding document mean?

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