World media roundup – 3 January 2014

Categories: In The Media.

End of life care for an aging LGBT population

US- Advocate

This well-researched article explores how, at the end of their life, many LGBT men and women go back in the closet for fear of being mistreated by health care and other professionals.

End of life care wishes clarified

Australia- Examiner

Senior palliative care physician, Paul Dunne, says doctors have become more clever at delaying death, but he doesn’t think this is always a good thing.

Two views of death: the scientist and the novelist


Two completely different ways of looking at death – one completely objective, coldly beautiful, and the other deeply personal and troubling.

Jahi McMath’s brain death ignites difficult debate

US- Huffington Post

California hospital and family are embroiled in a harrowing legal and medical fight that has reignited the debate about when machines keeping a severely brain-damaged person alive should be turned off.

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