World Media Roundup – 8 January 2015

Categories: In The Media.

The words we use

Pallium Canada blog
“Why is there so much resistance to the use of the “P” word – palliative? The truth is, palliative care might not be what many people think it is.”

You must be this old to die

US – The Atlantic
A 17-year old Connecticut girl is currently confined to a hospital room against her will and receiving life-saving treatment that she does not want.

Implementing a care planning system: how to fix the most pervasive errors in healthcare

US – Health Affairs blog
“Even when patients’ perspectives become known, few mechanisms exist to document and communicate them across settings of care and over time.”

Is cancer the ‘best death’?

The Huffington Post
“When the cancer community read the BMJ blog post ‘Cancer is the best death’ by Richard Smith, a doctor and former BMJ editor, it’s not surprising that it was met with a negative response.”

Doctor suspected of performing euthanasia on a dying patient gets suspended

Slovenia – MMC RTV SLO
The Ljubljana University Medical Center (UKC) is investigating the first case of suspected euthanasia.

How much would you pay for a year of life?

US – Radiolab podcast
Two years ago, a group of doctors did something unprecedented – they boycotted a cancer drug because, given the benefit, it cost too much. Following up on the story, Radiolab producer Molly Webster discovers this is far from your normal drug pricing story.

Metamorphosis of an upload

BMJ blog
Do social media uploads, comments, blogs and videos provide rich opportunities for research or should we stand back on moral grounds? Answer: we need a framework

What the chronically ill wish their loved ones knew

Kevin MD blog
“My family and close friends have done so much for me since I became chronically ill in 2001, and I’m deeply grateful to them. I’ve written this piece because there are a few important things I want them to know about how I feel.”

Signs Ebola may be levelling off in Sierra Leone – WHO

Sierra Leone, the country worst affected by Ebola, reported nearly 250 new confirmed cases in the past week but the spread of the virus there may be slowing, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.

Children’s hospice charities join forces to help more families access home care

ehospice UK
Director of Care at Shooting Star Chase, Elaine Conisbee, tells ehospice about their recent partnership with Naomi House:

A personal experience of St Luke’s Hospice

ehospice South Africa
Margaret Overmeyer shares her experience: “For over 12 years I’ve been part of the fundraising team for St Luke’s Hospice, mainly sourcing donations for our auction site.”