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The net effect of palliative care: News from the Congress of the African Palliative Care Association

Africa – European Association of Palliative Care

Lukas Radbruch (EAPC liaison officer for collaboration with APCA, incoming chair of the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care) is in Johannesburg reporting on the 4th Congress of the African Palliative Care Association. 

Re-trial for Russian physician prosecuted for helping a patient in pain

Russia – European Association of Palliative Care

On 4 September, the Russian Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of Dr Alevtina Petrovna Khorinyak, a physician with more than 50 years’ experience who was sentenced for prescribing tramadol as pain relief to a terminally ill patient. The Court found a “technical irregularity” and ordered a re-trial with a new panel of judges, according to a statement by the Court’s press officer

Palliative care for women living with HIV and cervical cancer

Africa – health-e

Published by the African Palliative Care Association (APCA), this booklet is intended to help women living with HIV as well as cancer of the cervix, their families and others in the community who support them.

You can access the resource  on the APCA website.

South Africa: Need to Rethink Palliative Care in South Africa

South Africa – allAfrica

Diederik Lohman is a senior researcher working on palliative care issues for Human Rights Watch. He spoke to Health-e about what palliative care is, why it matters and how a proposed policy in South Africa could help alleviate pain for thousands of patients.

The Dorn Veterans Administration Medical Center in Columbia is scheduled to open a new section of its hospice center

US – SF Gate

VA spokesman Kevin McIver says Friday morning’s ribbon cutting ceremony is meant to offer a look at the expanded location that provides a special location for veteran’s end-of-life care.

Many patients receiving end-of-life treatments they don’t want or need

Canada – The

An article co-authored by Sharon Baxter, executive director of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, explores the question: Who would speak for you and make health care decisions on your behalf if you were facing a life-threatening situation unable to communicate?

A question all Canadians need to contemplate according to the authors — but recent studies indicate that most of us have not.

Africa “almost has it all” for children’s palliative care

Africa – ehospice

Delegates at the APCA conference taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa were treated to a stimulating plenary session that included an inspiring talk on children’s palliative care by ICPCN Chief Executive, Joan Marston. Her topic ‘Providing quality palliative care and improving outcomes for children in Arica’.

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