MSc Bereavement Studies

Categories: Care.

Date: 2015/2016

Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Bereavement Studies – The Irish Hospice Foundation and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Loss, grief and bereavement have a significant impact on our development as human beings and through the life cycle. The understanding of bereavement is a cross-sectoral issue, spanning health, social services, education and voluntary sectors.

Course structure

The programme is a two year part-time MSc course (with the choice of exiting with a Postgraduate Diploma after one year). Invitations are invited from representatives of a wide range of professional disciplines whose work or volunteering roles involve the provision or organisation of bereavement support services.

Aims and objectives of the programme

The Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Bereavement Studies aims to promote the development of a bereavement support infrastructure in Ireland which is evidence-based, sensitive to Irish culture, to the range of grief reactions experienced by individuals and which acknowledges the fundamentally normal context of loss.

The programme aims to promote competent, sensitive and ethical practice in bereavement care in Ireland and to support researchers and practitioners in their efforts to apply research findings to practice.

Course details

This is a part-time course. Successful completion of six modules will result in the award of Postgraduate Diploma Bereavement Studies.

Completion of a further three modules in year two will result in the award of MSc Bereavement Studies.

Each module consists of 250 hours of learning including lecture time, self-directed learning, course preparation, examination time, and supervision. The two year programme equates to 90 credits and it is devised to support Level 9 learning outcomes (National Framework of Qualifications).

Modules – Year I and II

  • M1: Theories and models of grief, bereavement and mourning (Year I)
  • M2: Bereavement counselling (Year I)
  • M3: Research – methods and appraisal (Year I)
  • M4: Perspectives on grief (Year I)
  • M5: Systems of bereavement Support (Year I)
  • M6: Self care and caring for carers (Year I)
  • M7: Advanced research methods (Year II)
  • M8: Education and teaching in grief and bereavement (Year II)
  • M9: Structuring bereavement support (Year II)

Assessment range of assessment methods will be applied. These include written coursework in the form of critical book review, case study, literature review, care plan and examination, research proposal, work plan and preparation of a teaching portfolio. One assignment will involve a group presentation.  In year two participants will develop a research proposal, an education intervention and teaching portfolio and will manage a work project which focuses on changing bereavement care.

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