Faraja holds concert to raise cancer awareness

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The Faraja Cancer Support Trust had their initiatory concert whose aim is to highlight the strength of cancer survivors and patients across the country.

Cancer survivors came in numbers to give hope and inspiration to cancer patients and their relatives with a message that there is life after cancer.

Cancer survivors who have emerged victorious in the fight against various cancers shared their success stories.

The Kenyatta National Hospital Chief Executive Officer Mr. Richard Lesiyampe said that this was a platform to raise awareness about the disease especially with the current situation of increased cancer diagnosis in the country.

The event was sponsored by ICEALION Group and Cancer Care Kenya with support from Homeboys, Echo Creative, Wonder Joy tents and KICC.

The speakers of the day were Bishop Chris Mwenesi, Andrew Hollas, Dr.Esther Munyoro, Prof. Kiongo Maina, Dr.Peter Kamau, Mr. Justus Mutiga, CEO ICEALION Life Assurance, Mr.Richard Lesiyampe CEO KNH who was the Guest of Honour, Bidanya Barasa, a cancer survivor and Christine Moipei.

There was great entertainment with performances from Wahu Kagwi, The Moipei Quartet, Dan “Chizi” Aceda, Atemi Oyungu, Alisha Popat, Peter Nyongo Jr, Kanji Mbugua, Chris Adwar and the Villagers band.

The day was filled with loads of fun, dancing, cheer and laughter from all the exceptional entertainers that eased the hearts of those who attended the event.

Faraja Cancer Support Trust supports cancer patients with free complementary therapies to assist with the healing process while going through medical treatment, which includes, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Other therapies include reiki, reflexology, yoga, nutritional therapy, pranic healing, counseling, art therapy, lymphatic drainage and massage.

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