Life changing experience for Mary

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She was later diagnosed with breast cancer at Kenyatta National Hospital. The news was shocking and devastating as she did not know how to break the news to her family. “Daktari, sasa nani ataambia watoto wangu kuhusu hii maneno umeniambia? Nani atawalea nikienda?” (Doctor who will break the news to my family? Who will take care of them if I die” asked Mary. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she could not believe the doctor’s report. Breaking the news to her family would be serious considering the financial implication that would come along and stigma from the family and the society. The doctor organized for a counseling session between the palliative care team and Mary’s family. Disclosure of diagnosis was done and the importance of family involvement in Mary’s care and support was elaborated.  The husband took the initiative to fend for the family and taking care of Mary’s hospital bills.
Unfortunately, Mary’s husband had just been laid off at work and this made their situation more difficult. The doctors referred her to Nairobi hospice where she has been receiving palliative care services. “Nairobi hospice has become my second home. Since I began coming here, I have seen tremendous improvement in my health and my family.” Said another patient. The hospice provides outpatient services to people living with life limiting illnesses. Patients have come up with a support group where they come together every Thursday to share their life experiences and encourage each other.
“We are grateful for the great supports we are getting from well wishers who give their resources that go a long way to assist our patients” said Lynette Kitui a medical social worker at the Nairobi hospice. Every Thursday we meet here with the patients and we never lack a meal to share and above all a word of encouragement to them. This is their home and we all live as one big family.” added Lynette.
Years down the line Mary has a testimony to give. Her health has significantly improved and her quality of life has been improved through the palliative care services that she has been receiving from the team in Nairobi hospice. She has been spear heading cancer campaign awareness in her home area and in her church. 
“Nawashukuru Lynette na wafanyakazi wa Nairobi hospice kwa kutushikilia katika kila njia. Wanatupatia morale ya kukuja day care kila wakati na pia kutusaidia kukuwa kiroho” (“I wish to thank Lynette and all employees at Nairobi hospice they have supported us fully. They give us morale to attend the day care and encourage us spiritually.” commented Mary.

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