Love me at my end days

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World Poetry Day was
declared by (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
in 1999.

The purpose of the day is to
promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the

It is in this regard that
the editor’s desk decided to become a poet for just a day and compose this
short poem dedicated to those supporting palliative care for they understand
the need of patients with life threatening illnesses.

Love me at my
end days

Composed by Aquinas


Who is meant to die?
No one!

Who will not die? No

At the entirety of
life, I and you shall die; physically vanish from the Earth’s surface

I love to be loved

I hate to be hated

Each day of love
brings joy to my life

I need love. Just
like the one at my birth

God loves us all

Why hate me now? Why
me? Why my family? Why this illness?

Love me and these
questions will seize to be a bother

Hate me and I will
keep asking myself these questions

Why neglect me when
I am at the verge of leaving this world?

Is it because of my
illness or did I suddenly become a burden?

Is it because my
care is expensive?

What is expensive?

My care or car

My transport to
hospital or first class trips

A palliative care
room or big office blocks

Drugs to relieve my
pain or additional security and allowances

The doctor says the
disease has no cure. Does this mean I am no longer worthy?

I need the care

The care at end of

The care for a
patient with a life threatening illness; an illness that is not curable

Palliative care

Show me this care
and I will live happily to the very last day

is all am asking

This poem is inspired by patients thoughts after diagnosis and the dilemma they go through in a quest to have a comfortable life, even if they have a life threatening illness.

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