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Caroline Oyugi, university lecturer and inspiring philanthropist, took it upon herself to start a pediatric learning center at Kenyatta National Hospital this year.  

With seed funding from Diamond Trust Bank, hard-earned support from KNH management, and a lot of energy, she put together a team of volunteers, gathered books and learning materials and found a room to convert into a classroom on Ward 3 (where many of the long-term stay kids are staying).

Recently, a group of interested partners within Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations (KENCO) met with Caroline and helped explore ways to expand the program.

The collaboration led to a three-day workshop to train volunteers and at least eight (8) trainees have signed up to help teach the kids at KNH.  

Caroline is now looking at incorporating music education, through partnership with a local church group.

The Pediatric Learning Center is still in need of materials – books, writing tools, notebooks, computeres, DVDs, white boards, clipboards, art supplies, etc.  

If you would like to contribute to the Pediatric Learning Center, please contact Caroline Oyugi; 0733 865 215.

Originally published at the Kenya Cancer Networks blog.

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