WPCA and IAHPC gain “Official Relations” status with WHO

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For any organization to gain official relations status with the World Health Organization (WHO), it must have been involved itself in an ongoing relationship where collaborative work is defined and carried out over a minimum of two years.

World Palliative Care Association (WPCA) has been working with WHO on a wide variety of projects most significantly being the publication of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care at the End-of-Life and a collaboration with the Stop TB department on introducing palliative care for patients with drug resistant TB

The publication of the Global Atlas is expected by April of this year.

Being in official relations with WHO also means that WCPA will have a voice at WHO meetings.

As of January 2012 there were only 183 NGO’s in official relations with WHO.

It is an exciting time for the palliative care community, WPCA and the International Associaiton for Hospices & Palliative Care (IAHPC) to look forward to working together to ensure that palliative care is strongly represented in relations with the WHO 

Read more about this achievement on the International edition of ehospice.

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