50 blankets donated at the Orlando East Footprint Hospice

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It is cold winter and the country is facing a pandemic that endangers the lives of those who are suffering from different chronic illnesses such as cancer, hypertension, stroke, and many more. Mam Maureen Wells together with her family donated 50 blankets at Orlando East Footprint Hospice on Sunday, July 5. Wells said her elder brother has been in the facility for close to 2 years and whenever she visited him, she noticed that the facility was in dire need of different things.

She said she vowed to herself that if God blesses her, she will surely give back to the facility because the care facility takes care of people with chronic illnesses with no funding from the government.

She said she hopes a lot of people will visit the center to donate because it is not easy to see the need from far, as she also saw the needs of the center after his brother was admitted there.

Project Manager of the facility Haizel Mabusela extended her gratitude to the family for the donation and alluded that it’s going to make a huge difference in the organisation.

She said during this difficult time it is difficult for them to get donations because they are not allowed to have visitors from March 21.


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