A personal experience of St Luke’s Hospice

Categories: Care.

‘Due to a lack of space at Kenilworth, we operated out of a different location until the new building extensions brought our team on site. This move has allowed us a closer perspective of what happens here at St Luke’s, also giving a deeper understanding of hospice care, and the vital importance of donations in making that care possible.

‘But it was only when my life partner, Vernon, was diagnosed with lung cancer and was admitted to St Luke’s in a very dehydrated state, that my eyes were totally opened.

‘The love and respect that Vernon received from every single member of staff, no matter what their role, was astonishing. And the difference that his in-ward stay made for him was remarkable.

‘And it wasn’t just Vernon who benefited. When his time came to leave us, the St Luke’s staff took all the pressure off me, and Vernon’s family, by making all the special arrangements that come with a death. I received, and still receive, the most wonderful support from all the Sisters and other members of staff here at Kenilworth.

‘It’s common to hear about the special work that Hospice does, and think you know what it’s all about – but it’s only when the St Luke’s team steps into your own life and that of a loved one, that you can truly understand the breadth and depth of care; and also how special every person is who donates towards that care.


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