Amped for her very first Comrades Marathon!

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Today we meet someone who has proven that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lauren Williams and I grew up in Joburg but have been living in Durban for 10 years now.

2.What got you started into running – was there anyone close to you that inspired you? 

Durban is a hive of activity when it comes to running and before long my husband and I were joining in on the runs around the neighbourhood.  It took me a while to build up to 10 km though, by walking for 5 km at first and then slowly building to 7.5 km and 10 km.  As time went on we tried a 21 km and then built up from there.

3.How long have you been running for in general and for comrades? 

I have been running for approximately 8 years however have only increased my mileage this year to include training for a marathon and then comrades with a help of a coach.  This will be my first Comrades.

4.What do you enjoy about the event?

We have been a long time supporters of Comrades on the day.Enjoyed watching the runners pass near Botha’s Hill and aimed to join in the run when my children were more grown up.

5.How do you prepare for an event this big? 

I have been following a weekly training program from my coach Justin Hand which includes track, road running and then your long runs on the weekend.

6.Who are your biggest fans/supporters?

My family and friends. I am so appreciative of their support, advice and support of Hospice.

7. What is your favourite food before and after a run?

Normally a banana is the easiest to eat in the morning but also brown bread and peanut butter is a good option.

8. Do you enjoy running alone or prefer a group?

Much prefer running in a group but with training for Comrades have managed to run more on my own as well.

9.How has running changed your life?

I never thought I would say these words but ‘I love running ‘ even in winter before the sun comes up.  It’s early and fresh and it gives you time to think and catch up with friends sometimes along the route.

10.Is there any particular reason you chose Hospice as your preferred beneficiary? 

Hospice is a worthy beneficiary as they offer support to so many families during such difficult times in their lives.

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